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Double Glazing

What is double glazing?

In simple terms double glazing refers to the use of two panes of glass in a window, the space between two panes is filled with gas which acts as an insulator. Is your aim to reduce heat loss whilst reducing energy bills, as well as reduce noise interference in your home? If your answer to these questions is yes then double glazed windows are what you need contact us today , for a free, no obligation low priced quote. We provide and install double glazed of the highest quality and offer outstanding service.

How does double glazing work?

Double glazing works by creating an insulating layer between the outside and inside of your home. Double glazing holds heat inside your home, thus creating a layer of strong, shatter proof glass protecting your home and its content from the elements in the best way possible. Double glazing acts as an environmentally friendly duvet for your home! Double glazed windows, provided by us , the "duvet" is two types of modern energy efficient glass, designed to control the flow of heat through the window so that your home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Lots of people are optimistic about purchasing double glazed windows for their homes, because of the white plastic frames not tying in with the authentic, original features of their homes. We stock a wide range of alternate options here at , including wood effect frames in colours, shapes and styles to suit your home.